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I have had severe back pain for almost 5 years and tried Chiropractors and Pain Management epidural shots with no relief. My golf game went to hell because I couldn’t practice and it hurt to play to the point where I had to walk away from the 9th hole several times. After 6 weeks of therapy at Frogs PT. I am pain free. I wake up every morning amazed and thankful and rather than quitting golf, I am excited to get back to enjoying it again because I can practice. I have told several Golfing Friends about Frogs PT. and they are so thankful for the help they have received that they are also excited to get back to better golf.

I am willing to bet if you give them a try and do the stretches they prescribe you will be their next testimonial.

– Duke DeBernardi

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This post was written by Andrew Clary MS MPT ATC