Fitness Assessment

ensuring your long-term health is in a good position

At FROGS we understand overall physical fitness is important to your long term health. Often fitness is thought of in terms of athletes or others that are avidly involved in sports and recreation, but proper fitness is important for everyone. When a human is physically fit, they are most resistant to illness, able to recover from injury faster, and capable of keeping up with the daily requirements of life. With the obesity epidemic that has swept over the country in recent years, a new found focus on fitness has started to come into focus. If more individuals are physically fit, the requirements for health care and prescription drugs is sure to be reduced.

Fitness can be described simply as the ability to perform any kind of physical activity. For a professional athlete, that physical activity might be measured by how fast they can run or how high they can jump. For the average person, fitness might be the ability to walk up several flights of stairs without becoming winded or lifting heavy bags in and out of the car. Regardless of what your life requires of your fitness level, keeping your body in condition to handle those rigors will significantly add to your quality of life. FROGS PT a Scottsdale Arizona Physical therapy clinic. PT Clinic in Scottsdale Arizona.

Enjoy Being Active

With our Thorough Fitness Assessments

Beyond keeping you healthy and fighting off illness, a good level of fitness can help you enjoy your life more on a day to day basis. Individuals with good physical fitness have more energy throughout the day and are able to remain focused easier. That means better productivity at work, more time spent playing with the kids, and more. Getting the most out of life is a goal that most people have, and physical fitness is a big step in that direction.

For those that enjoy being active in sports, fitness is a necessity to perform at a high level and stay healthy throughout a season. No matter if you enjoy soccer, basketball, softball, golf, tennis, biking, hockey, or any other sport, physical fitness is crucial to improving your success. Not only will you achieve more when you are fit, but you will be better able to stave off injury and keep enjoying your pastime long into the future.

The list of health benefits that can be had from remaining physically fit goes on and on. There is basically no part of human health that is not improved by keeping a healthy weight and retaining the ability to perform physical activity. Among the risks that are lowered in fit people include heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, falls, and many more.

If you are wondering how your current level of fitness measures up and what you could do to improve it, our Scottsdale fitness assessment is a great way to check on your progress. With the information in hand regarding what you can do to make yourself even more physically fit, you will be able to plan your workouts accordingly and get into the best shape of your life. Come in soon for your fitness assessment and make sure you are doing everything you can to ensure your long term health is in a good position.