Our Facility

Featuring Redcord Therapy State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our clinic is approximately 3,000 sq ft. with a 28 ft ceiling height.  This area includes our treatment area, fitness area and our rehabilitation gym.  We have plenty of floor space to exercise and stretch out. Our equipment is specific for strength and flexibility components of our rehab programs.  We have an indoor putting green and hitting area to work on proper mechanics and set up of your golf swing.  We have specific areas to work on balance and proprioception, a ballet bar for assistance in functional exercises and various step heights for step up and plyometrics.  We have an area for children to watch their parents receive physical therapy and be safe and comfortable to watch TV/DVD or play with toys.  Parents can also see their child while they go through the rehabilitation process.

We offer a Norwegian based therapy program called Redcord. This program utilizes a “sling” type system to unweight the body when necessary to achieve proper neuromuscular function. Redcord also has the capability to challenge the bodies myofascial system 3 D to maximize function and core stability.

Facility Photos