Our Facility


We have recently moved into our new PT/Fitness facility at SOHO Scottsdale at 16580 N. 92nd Street, Suite 102, Scottsdale, AZ. (it is located ½ a block South of our previous location).

We have designed the facility to be very organized and easy to move through as you progress through your PT session. We have all of our PT equipment with Neurac and Redcord set ups and now we have a brand-new fitness area with all new fitness equipment.

We offer a Norwegian based therapy program called Neurac / Redcord. We are Neurac Certified. This program utilizes a “sling” type system to unweight the body when necessary to achieve proper Neuromuscular function. Our Neurac / Redcord system has the capability to challenge the bodies myofascial system in all three planes to maximize function and establish unprecedented core stability.

We have added BioFit Golf Performance Academy with a state-of-the-art golf simulator with a Foresight Quad simulator and K Coach 3 D swing analysis and Biofeedback program.

Our facility will only see 3 patients an hour, 2 on the hour and one on the ½ hour. Along with our 3 employees, there will be max 6 people in the PT clinic at any given time.

Facility Photos