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Scottsdale PT, Scottsdale Physical Therapy. FROGS is a part of the Arizona community and knows when a health problem starts to infringe on your quality of life in terms of ongoing pain or physical limitations, a physical therapist can be called on to lessen the levels of pain and improve your ability to complete everyday tasks and abilities. Any number of different health problems can lead to the need for a physical therapist – anything from a traumatic injury to a disease that has compromised your physical function in some way. If your doctor refers you to a physical therapist to have specific treatment for your health problems, it is important that you follow through with the treatment as prescribed. If you neglect the physical therapy treatment you will likely suffer the consequences on a daily basis for many years to come.

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We treat your dysfunction, not just your symptoms

Any injury that limits your day to day function can cause a major hardship in your life. Things you once took for granted, like using the restroom or even getting out of bed, may be much more difficult that you ever imagined. If your injuries have left you unable to work, you can suffer financial consequences in addition to the physical and emotional challenges. With the help of a licensed physical therapist in Scottsdale, the limitations that have been placed on your life can be improved or removed altogether.

There is almost always some form of exercise involved in a physical therapy program. These exercises might be very simple, or they could be quite challenging depending on what specifically you are rehabilitating from. Following the orders of your Scottsdale physical therapist and keeping up with these exercises when you are away from the doctor’s office will have a lot to do with how successful your treatment program is.

Getting back to work as quickly as possible after an injury is something that is obviously very important and can be assisted with proper physical therapy. Even if you were not injured on the job, your physical limitations might have required you to alter your position at work, or have kept you home from work altogether. Physical therapy treatments that address your most pressing issues will hopefully be able to speed up the timeline and allow you to get back to earning a living sooner rather than later.

Athletes are another group of people who can greatly benefit from physical therapy treatments. Whether it is a minor injury like a strain or sprain, or a more serious tear or break that requires complete rehabilitation, sports medicine has helped countless athletes get back on the field faster and extend their careers many years into the future. If you are an athlete and feel that your body is constantly fighting you from trying to do what you expect from it, consider physical therapy as a way to get back to your optimum performance level.

Often, physical therapy plays a large role in the health and well-being of elderly people. If an elderly person has suffered a fall, for example, the doctor may recommend physical therapy as a way to both recover from any injuries that were suffered and to help avoid any future falls from occurring. Since physical therapy can often be a form of exercise in its own right, elderly patients benefit from the activity they get when visiting the PT office and will many times find themselves in better condition after physical therapy than they were before the fall even occurred. Staying active into the later years is important for elderly people to remain in good health, and physical therapy works help extend the number of years that a high activity level is possible.

Physical therapy has many uses and can be of benefit for people of all ages and from all walks of life. From the professional athlete looking to get back on the field as quick as possible, to the elderly person simply wanting to maintain their independence, having a physical therapist can help anyone with a physical limitation or injury. The end goal of any physical therapy treatment is to reduce or remove pain, while improving or completely restoring the movement and functional ability of the patient.

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