Sports Massage

Our massages will improve your health and leave you feeling good

When most people think of massage, they think of a relaxing half hour or hour visit in which the main purpose is to release a little stress and relax while having your muscles loosened up. There is certainly nothing wrong with this kind of massage, but there is another kind of massage that serves a more specific medical purpose. Our Scottsdale sports massage therapy is typically designed to care for a specific injury or condition as part of the patient’s overall care plan. Our Scottsdale sports massage therapists are trained beyond that of a general masseuse that you would find in a spa and can follow the treatment plan of the physical therapist to contribute to the improved health of the patient.

If you have a painful condition that you believe could be treated with massage, choose to have your massage treatment in a physical therapy office as opposed to a chain massage business. The massage you will receive in a doctor’s office will be tailored to your medical needs and provide a real benefit that can last long after your massage is over. Just asking for a massage at a chain business and telling them where you are tight will not work to the same effect and you should not expect the same results in terms of your overall health improvement.

Sports Massage as a Treatment Program

Any number of conditions can use sports massage as part of their treatment program. A few examples include arthritis, tendonitis, back pain and injuries, repetitive stress injuries, circulatory problems, migraine headaches, and more. The massage therapist that you work with will have been well-trained on the specific techniques used to treat the various conditions that patients can be suffering from. You will be able to rest easy and enjoy the massage work knowing that you are good hands at all times.

Beyond treating the specific condition that you are suffering from, sports massage in Scottsdale can also have side effect benefits that will help improve your health as a whole and leave you feeling good. Heart rate and blood pressure have both been known to be reduced with consistent massage therapy. Also, stress and tension tend to melt away after a massage session. Prevention of future injuries and even improved flexibility can also be added to the list. There is seemingly no end to what massage therapy can do for patients, so you should strongly consider adding massage to your overall treatment plan.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that any massage business will be able to do the job of treating your injuries or condition with a massage. Getting your massage from a licensed massage therapist within a doctor’s office is important because your treatment will be specific to your condition and tailored to work in conjunction with the rest of the care you are receiving. Once our Scottsdale sports massage has been added to your physical therapy plan and all of the parts of the process work together, you can be sure your visits to the therapist are getting the maximum possible results with your best long term interests in mind.