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This is the first time I have ever posted.  Let me start out by saying: ” Andy is one of the most knowlegeable physical therapist I have ever worked with!”  “As a sole practitioner, he attends to your needs, one to one. I would highly recommend him without reservations. I would rate his practice with a five star.

– John L.


I have had severe back pain for almost 5 years and tried Chiropractors and Pain Management epidural shots with no relief. My golf game went to hell because I couldn’t practice and it hurt to play to the point where I had to walk away from the 9th hole several times. After 6 weeks of therapy at Frogs PT. I am pain free. I wake up every morning amazed and thankful and rather than quitting golf, I am excited to get back to enjoying it again because I can practice. I have told several Golfing Friends about Frogs PT. and they are so thankful for the help they have received that they are also excited to get back to better golf.

I am willing to bet if you give them a try and do the stretches they prescribe you will be their next testimonial.

– Duke DeBernardi

Exceptional Service

Great place! Andy resolved my back issues in just a few therapy sessions, he is amazing his knowledge has no boundaries, Martha is also great, she is the first person you encounter when you come to FROGS, she is always so sweet and helpful.

– Lisa R


Two years ago, I started having hip pain on one side. I saw an orthopedic surgeon, who said I would soon need a hip replacement. I instead decided to first try a cortisone shot, which helped a bit, but didn’t last. The doctor also sent me to physical therapy which didn’t do much, and the therapist said I would need a hip replacement when I had trouble sleeping from the pain, which was a problem for me.

I decided to get a second opinion, and the new doctor said I did not need a hip replacement, but diagnosed hip bursitis, and said to take ibuprofen, which does help but doesn’t last and is not good to take long term regularly. I then discussed my problem with Andy Clary at FROGSPT, who said hip bursitis is very easily and effectively treated by stretching and certain physical therapy exercises. I really did not believe that, but decided to try it anyway, since nothing else had worked.

The astonishing thing is that after just one session, I am pain free! Andy diagnosed that I was out of alignment and did some exercises and manipulations on me. I don’t at all understand the mechanics of what Andy did and said, but he gave me some exercises and stretches to do at home and I am doing them religiously. I will continue to see Andy to ensure that the pain does not return and am sold on physical therapy. I used to wake up several times a night from the pain, but am now sleeping though the night. I am amazed and grateful to FROGSPT for finally figuring out my very frustrating and painful situation. I cannot more highly recommend Andy Clary and FROGSPT!

My husband saw Andy after I did for knee pain and felt the same relief and improvement! We are doing the prescribed exercises together now and are amazed how effective they are!

– Deborah Kalof

Significant improvement in just a few short months

I am so grateful to have been referred to FROGS Physical Therapy by my pain management Doctor. I have suffered with lower back and hip pain for what feels like forever. In just a few months, my comfort and strength level has improved so much. Andy Clary’s knowledge of how the body works and what can be done to heal and strengthen it is quite impressive. He takes the time to answer all my questions and explains what can be done for each specific area to get good, lasting results. Whether it’s targeted exercise or using the Redcord device I have seen more improvement in these few months than in the last ten years of my life. I highly recommend FROGS Physical Therapy for anyone recovering from surgery, injury or just trying to get relief from pain.

– Annie Bryson


I am a retired Physical Therapist that has had back pain since my twenties from a fall. I spent most of my career adapting to the back pain while trying to seek help through many different avenues including physical therapy. I saw A LOT of PT’s throughout the years but it was not until I found Andy that I was able to get relief and rebuild my life in an active way without pain. He is the only PT I have ever worked with that truly understands how the body is connected and able to identify the various sources of my problem. Andy saw me for each and every visit at which time he would reassess my progress to make sure we were on the right path to recovery. I am so grateful for his clinical expertise in addition to his conscientious and caring work ethic that has provided me with a quality of life that I did not think was possible at this stage of my life.

– Janna Hosmer



– Martha A.

I Love FrogsPT

I love you guys. I can now work out and play golf again.

– Brian K.

FROGS Physical Therapy – Thank You!

You MUST meet Andy and his staff if you wish to eliminate your pain and /or recover from chronic issues. For over 10 years, I have traveled extensively and was resigned to believing that my back, neck and shoulder pain would simply be unresolved. Then 18 months ago, I had to give up running due to knee pain. Frustration and depression were inevitable.

I began seeing Andy at FROGS PT 7 weeks ago, and now not only am I pain free, but now I’m running again too! My home program now begins and I will truly miss seeing Andy and his team. They are amazing! I give Andy tremendous gratitude and my highest recommendation! Bravo!

– J. Lynn

I’m so glad I came to FROGS!

About 2 1/2 years ago I sustained an injury to my low back while on the job. At first I thought it was no big deal, I tried to shake it off and just keep going. But after 3 weeks my pain was getting worse. Over the next two years I saw 2 different physical therapists, tried chiropractic medicine, saw two physicians specializing in physical medicine and rehab and even had dry needle trigger point injections. Everyone I saw was hopeful they could help me, but eventually the outcome was always the same – the pain was still there. At that time I was very discouraged. Then a friend of mine suggested I see Andy at FROGS. I’ll admit I was a little skeptical about seeing another physical therapist – but I’m so glad I went. After the first visit as I stood up to walk out the door I noticed something very different – my back didn’t hurt! After living with constant pain at some degree for 2 years, it was an almost startling sensation. After my visits with Andy were complete I felt stronger and was not having nagging pain 24/7. I really felt like myself again! I’m so glad I came to FROGS and would highly recommend Andy to anyone who suffers from chronic pain.

– Jen E.

one of the best in this field

I’ve known Andy Clary for almost ten years (before he started FROGS PT), and have full trust in him and in the way he plans and proceeds with each treatment. He is a knowledgeable and experienced therapist and treats each patient with utmost care. He is professional in his field and is a kind gentleman, who takes care of each and every patient with utmost attention and care. I feel myself in good care when Andy works on my injuries, and trust in his professional approach and treatment. I consider Andy one of the best in this field and strongly recommend him to all my family and friends. May God bless him and make him more successful in his services to the patients, who, I believe, have the same feeling and view as I have.

– Hacob Babayans

FROGS PT is the best!

I found myself on top of Humboldt Peak at 14,064 ft. I had a picture taken July 1, 2011 (I attached it to my email). Thanks for all of your help. When I came to you, DR C made the statement our first goal is to save the leg and together we did that and much more. Thanks again and I wanted to share positive results.

– Mitch Gubser



Thank you for using your expertise to help me. I am excited to be on the road to becoming stronger and in better shape.

– Jeanne

Kudos to Andy and the folks at FROGS Physical Therapy.

Make no mistake about it, Andy Clary is committed to excellence. As a forty year runner, I have required physical therapy from time-to-time over the years. Several months ago, I sought treatment for sudden and severe lower back disc pain. Discouraged, I was referred to Andy at Frogs by an orthopedic surgeon, although I was not prepared for what I experienced. Andy’s expertise, knowledge, experience and work ethic is unmatched in the industry. I have been the beneficiary of these qualities and Andy s incredible skill, now that he has me back in the game. Kudos to Andy and the folks at FROGS Physical Therapy.

– Mark Tharp


Andy, Thanks for doing it again! Several years ago you rehabbed my left shoulder, then a couple of years later you rehabbed my right shoulder (both now doing very well!) and lately you got me walking again. I had fallen in the rock garden and a few weeks later had some stiffness when I got up one morning. The next morning I could barely walk, but did make it to your clinic. Long story short, within three days you had me walking and I even made it through Sky Harbor to catch a plane. Thanks!

– Richard Deems

great experience at FROGS Physical Therapy

I had a great experience at FROGS Physical Therapy. I had a total knee replacement and when I first went there I was very unsure of generally moving around. I came in with a cane each morning and after doing the circuit and workout with them, I kept forgetting my cane and had to go back and get it!! After 3 weeks (2-3x a week) I was walking comfortably and felt stronger overall. In fact the day of the session I felt great for the rest of the day! Their rope system, is amazing and truly the “latest and greatest!”

Loved everyone that worked there, very helpful and friendly atmosphere.

I had just gotten their name from a doctor at our club that had a new knee and raved about FROGS. So glad I took his advice and went there for my therapy!

-Annie Morgan

FROGS Physical Therapy is second to none

FROGS Physical Therapy is second to none. The first class treatment and personal attention of the trainers makes the experience unbelievable. Andy and his staff are extremely knowledgeable about their systems and do a great job of setting up individual programs for their clients that work. When I first came to FROGS last summer I had been having hip and lower back problems for a very long time. However, after a month long program using the Redcord technology my pains were gone. I had never felt better in my life. The impact that FROGS has had on my career have been immense. My athleticism just keeps on improving thanks to Andy, his knowledgeable staff, and the Redcord technology.

– Alex Koumontzis

You owe it to yourself to start here if you’re in need of physical therapy.

I was lucky enough to find Andy and FROGS PT through a mutual friend after injuring my knee playing hockey. I was in a bad way and itching to get back on the ice as soon as possible. They put me to work two days after my surgery and eased me into progressively more intense workouts. Their “Red Cord” system is truly innovative and was definitely one of the key drivers of my extremely successful rehabilitation. I have always been a strong believer of maintaining a powerful core as everything starts and ends there. The Red Cord system as well as Andy and his team certainly reinforced this belief. It was an absolute pleasure working with this group and I can’t say enough good things about them and Frogs PT. You owe it to yourself to start here if you’re in need of physical therapy.

Two months from the day I hobbled through the front door of Frogs PT with a sprained MCL and ACL and 80% of my meniscus gone, I am both proud and grateful to say that I am back on the ice.

– Stephen Baker

I highly recommend FROGS Physical Therapy

I came in unable to walk due to a knee injury. Andy put me on crutches and work me thru therapy, at my pace. Never pushing me beyond what I could handle and often kept me from doing too much. Explaining everything I had questions on and working with my work schedule. When my insurance didn’t approve more therapy he worked with me and kept my strength training on-going. Both he and his staff truly care about the well-being of their patients. I highly recommend FROGS Physical Therapy.

– Amy Balles

FROGS is the Mercedes Benz of physical therapy!!!

FROGS is the Mercedes Benz of physical therapy!!!!!! The staff is both helpful and professional, and Andy’s ability to diagnose the relationship between your problem and the cause speaks volumes about his knowledge of the human body. If you need physical therapy make the leap to FROGS you cannot go wrong.

– Ray Klocke

highly recommend

Andy provides excellent care to my patients. Many patients were able to make significant improvements with physical therapy alone at Frogs under the direction of Andy. I highly recommend Andy to any patient requiring the needs of a skilled physical therapist in the Scottsdale area.

– Dan Nemeth, Interventional Spine Physician/Owner of Signe Spine and Rehab