Orthopedic Rehabilitation

We Help Patients Return to Full Physical Function After a Surgery

Within the field of physical therapy is an area of practice known as orthopedic rehabilitation. Any kind of orthopedic injury may be treated with orthopedic rehab, including things like joint replacements, bone fractures, neck and back problems, and more. A patient of our Scottsdale orthopedic rehabilitation program will be examined and provided with a complete treatment program with the goal of returning the patient to the best possible overall physical condition. Maintaining or improving quality of life is the purpose of these kinds of treatments.

As opposed to treating common injuries such as sprains and strains, orthopedic rehab is commonly focused on post-operative therapy to help a patient return to full physical function after a surgery of some kind. Those surgeries could be the result of an injury that was suffered, but they could also be simply from a condition that was existing in the patient and needed to be rectified. Whatever the case, our orthopedic rehab in Scottsdale is often a necessary step in having the operation as a whole be deemed a success.

Senior doing orthopedic rehab excersies

Experienced Orthopedic Rehab

One of the most common reasons for a patient to not fully recover from an operation is a failure to follow through with the post-operative orthopedic rehab as prescribed. Rehab from surgery is necessary to not only heal the originally injured area and bring it back to full strength, but to also recuperate the surrounding areas that may have been damaged or atrophied as part of the process. Only when the complete Scottsdale orthopedic rehab program has been completed can a patient be deemed fully recovered and ready to move on with life confident in the condition that their body has been restored to.

Many orthopedic injuries will not only cause you pain, but can affect your quality of life as well. Treatment in an orthopedic rehab program will help you get rid of the pain that has been plaguing you and get you back to the life you used to live. That is especially important if your injuries have prevented you from working and earning the same income that you were used to. Things like hip pain, knee pain, back pain, arthritis, and more can all compromise your ability to work on a daily basis and may have already put your career in jeopardy or on hold altogether.

Many orthopedic conditions are probably to reoccur if not treated properly with a complete rehab program. It can be tempting to take shortcuts in your rehabilitation to just get back to life as you knew it, but that decision is one you will pay for in the long run. Trusting your orthopedic physical therapist and following all instructions carefully will set you on a path for health that can last a lifetime. It isn’t fun to deal with all of the work and pain that can come with an orthopedic rehab process, but you will be glad you did. No matter what injury or condition has led to the need for rehab, stick with the program and you should come out on the other side in a vastly improved physical condition.