Sports Medicine

Scottsdale Leader in Preventing and Treating Sports Injuries

The treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and fitness activities is known as sports medicine. This area of health care has become more popular in recent years, and applies to both high level athletes as well as recreational sports and fitness enthusiasts. While it is good for an individual’s overall fitness to maintain an active lifestyle, sometimes those activities can lead to repetitive stress or traumatic injuries. The goal of FROGS sports medicine in Scottsdale is to deal with those issues in a way that relieves the pain and allows the patient to get back into action as soon as possible.

One common area of FROGS sports medicine in Scottsdale seen in our offices on a daily basis is the rehabilitation of muscle pulls and strains. These types of injuries vary in severity, but always need to be rehabilitated so the muscle is not susceptible to recurring injury. Proper sports medicine treatment will rebuild strength in the affected area and provide the patient with exercises and at-home therapies that will help to keep the muscle strong and healthy when normal activity is resumed.


Sports Medicine Physicial Therapy

For athletes who participate in one specific sport, sports medicine in Scottsdale can provide treatment and prevention for injuries that commonly affect their sport of choice. Whether it is knees and ankles for basketball players, or elbow and shoulder problems for baseball players, sports medicine is able to limit the injuries suffered and maximize the amount of time that an individual can remain on the field or court.

If an injury is suffered during a sport or fitness activity, sports medicine in Scottsdale is the best place to start in having the injury diagnosed and a treatment plan created. When an accurate injury diagnosis is created, a proper plan for immediate treatment can be put into action, reducing the time it will take to recover from the injury itself. Working with a sports medicine specialist in Scottsdale allows the patient to be confident that their diagnosis is correct and that the treatment plan they are given will put them on track to be fully healthy as soon as possible.

As with any area of physical therapy, the goal of sports medicine is to allow the patient to return to the same body function and quality of life that was experienced before the injury occurred. As time passes and athletes age, it becomes more difficult to remain health and bounce back from even minor injuries or just soreness. Quality sports medicine helps these athletes continue with their favorite activities and keep a high level of physical fitness even as the years go by.

Sports medicine holds an important place in the physical therapy field. Keeping people healthy while participating in sports not only allows them to continue their participation, but also maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Sports and fitness play a crucial role in the day to day lives of millions of people, and sports medicine is a vital link in helping all of those people stay healthy, and return to health quickly if they have been injured.