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At FROGS PT we provide rehabilitation, wellness and fitness services so you can function at your optimal level. We are hands-on with integrity and accountability to ensure the best possible patient results. I encourage you to come visit our facility and see why you should consider FROGS to be your Physical Therapy Provider.

Andrew Clary

Andrew Clary MS, MPT, ATC
Physical Therapist and Owner
FROGS Physical Therapy

  1. Redcord Neurac

    Redcord Neurac Therapy is a unique and effective concept for functional training. Carefully designed training using body weight and slings is at the core of the concept. A unique blend of applied scientific knowledge, patented equipment and guided advice ensures the system gets results.

  2. Sports

    Sports medicine holds an important place at FROGS, keeping people healthy while participating in sports not only allows them to continue their participation, but also maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. We understand the crucial role we play in safely returning them back to competition.

  3. Orthopedic

    Our orthopedic rehabilitation specialists are focused on post-operative therapy to help a patient return to full physical function after a surgery. Whether orthopedic rehab is needed from an injury or from a pre-existing condition, we will help you get back to your best overall physical condition.


    FROGS provides advanced Kinetic Chain Assessment to determine your muscle firing patterns and identify imbalances. The process involves a detailed analysis of your daily routine and current physical condition as well as review of your posture, gait and functional movement patterns.

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Our Valued Patients

FROGS PT is the Mercedes Benz of physical therapy! The staff is both helpful and professional, and Andy's ability to diagnose the relationship between your problem and the cause speaks volumes about his knowledge of the human body. If you need physical therapy make the leap to FROGS you cannot go wrong. Ray Klocke
A friend of mine suggested I see Andy at FROGS. I'm so glad I went. After the first visit as I stood up to walk out the door I noticed something very different - my back didn't hurt! After living with constant pain at some degree for 2 years, it was an almost startling sensation. I felt stronger and was not having nagging pain 24/7. I really felt like myself again! I would highly recommend Andy to anyone who suffers from chronic pain. Jen E.
FROGS Physical Therapy - Thank You! You MUST meet Andy and his staff if you wish to eliminate your pain and /or recover from chronic issues. For over 10 years, I have traveled extensively and was resigned to believing that my back, neck and shoulder pain would simply be unresolved. Then 18 months ago, I had to give up running due to knee pain. Frustration and depression were inevitable. J. Lynn