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FROGS Physical Therapy Reception Area

FROGS PT – A Scottsdale Arizona Physical Therapy Clinic. *New patients can be seen in less then 24hours!

FROGS Physical Therapy is a hands on, highly interactive physical therapy clinic specializing in the care and rehabilitation of Orthopedic Spine and Sports related injuries. FROGS Physical Therapy was started in May of 2003 and incorporated in 2005 and stands for Functional, Rehabilitation, for Orthopedic, Golf and Spine (FROGS).

But we treat more than just Scottsdale golfers – we also work with tennis players, hockey players, ice skaters, bikers, runners, soccer and lacrosse players, horse enthusiasts and any other activity a person can get injured. We treat amateur, professional, collegiate and recreational enthusiasts.  One important addition to our program: We are now focusing on the “Biomechanical movement deficiencies” of our patients.  This program has made a significant impact on our outcomes and patient’s understanding of their dysfunctions and how to self correct. FROGS PT a Scottsdale Arizona Physical therapy clinic. PT Clinic in Scottsdale Arizona.

Physical Therapy Patient Working Out

Andrew Clary MS, MPT, ATC

Our Owner

Andrew Clary MS, MPT, ATC

Owner and primary physical therapist of FROGS Physical Therapy in Scottsdale has established himself over the past 25 years as a caring and committed professional that provides the highest level of medical care to his patients. As the Head Athletic Trainer for the University of Miami (Fl), he established as excellent relationship with his team physician, John Uribe MD and provided the highest level of care to the athletes under his supervision. Andrew received outstanding training while at Purdue University, Florida State University and with the Baltimore Colts professional football team.

Andrew has worked with men and women amateur and professional athletes in golf, tennis, hockey, football, soccer, figure skating, etc. As a former collegiate and professional athletic trainer, his ability to evaluate and establish a treatment regimen from the most acute injury to a chronic problem is a second to none.

FROGS Physical Therapy believes in “one on one” personalized integration with their patients.  He will spend the time required to focus on the total body’s interaction as is relates to his patient’s dysfunction and to help the patient achieve their desired goals.

As a manual physical therapist since 1998, Andrew continues to provide his patients with the latest and up to date medical technology and physical therapy techniques based on research and experience.

In August of 2012, FROGS Physical Therapy introduced a Norwegian based therapy program called: REDCORD.  Andrew is one of the first Level 3 certified Neurac providers in the US and a handful throughout the world.

Andrew’s current and former patients are a significant referral source that he is most proud to express his gratitude for their support. Every patient is welcome to utilize the resources of referring physicians, injury evaluation, graduate fitness program, golf, and fitness evaluation.

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Andrew Clary University of Miami Championship Rings

Andrew’s 4 national championship rings from the University of Miami

Our Staff

At FROGS Physical Therapy, we have an energetic staff that is here to make sure your needs are met.

Our Front Desk Coordinator will identify your evaluation and insurance benefits, and will be there to assist in any business related matters.

Our Clinical Assistants will coordinate the clinic exercise program and will assist our physical therapist in the daily treatment regimen outlined by your PT.

Our THAI STRETCH Therapist  will work  exceptionally well with our physical therapists to maximize your experience and care. We have developed a unique THAI stretch program.  This stretch program will allow patients to have a much longer lasting effect from the stretch session.

Our Patients

Our patient population ranges from 2 yrs old to 92 yrs old.  Depending on the condition, we will develop a program to meet the specific needs of our patient. We have developed a great reputation with our surrounding community and we receive a lot of referrals from our former patients.  We have many individuals and families that return to FROGS Physical Therapy for care of new problems. We want to be a part of our patients’ lives to assist them in the care of their musculoskeletal problems.  If they are not sure how to handle a specific injury or need advice on a direction of care, we are pleased to assist in recommending a course of action.  We want to be a reliable source for our patient population to assist them in referrals for orthopedic care or assist in minor injury care.