Spine Assessment

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A healthy spine is one of the most important factors to good long term, overall physical well-being. Your spine is made up of many small vertebrae, which all need to be healthy and in proper working condition to allow your spine to do all of the things it needs to do. When your spine health is compromised, you will suddenly not be able to perform even some of the most basic tasks of daily life.

Before a spine injury occurs or you are disable in some way by pain and stiffness in your back, there are steps you can take to help your spine remain in proper working order. For one, don’t twist in your spine while lifting heavy objects. Also, try to maintain good posture when sitting by keeping your head up and your back straight. As is true with many health conditions, maintaining a healthy weight is another good way to help your spine stay strong. Finally, try not sleeping on your back at night. When lying on your back, your spine is placed under undue pressure that can accumulate over time to create problems.

Spine Assessment in Action

Spinal Pain

Unfortunately, an incredible number of people suffer from spinal pain at some point in their lives, which affects the ability to move comfortably or take part in certain activities. When an individual suffers from spinal pain, simple actions like standing straight up, sitting upright, twisting, or bending can become painful or impossible. The symptoms of spinal health problems may begin with minor discomfort or pain, but can gradually become worse over time. The sooner a patient is able to come into the office and start to address any problems that are developing, the more effective a treatment plan can be.

Spinal Injuries

Any injury that affects the spinal cord is a serious one. The most severe, traumatic spinal cord injuries are commonly caused by events like car accidents, gun shots, falls from a significant height, etc. Non-traumatic spinal injuries are not as scary, but they can wind up with consequence that are just as debilitating. Among the most common of these types of spinal cord injuries are cancer, infection, arthritis, disk degeneration, and more. Regardless of what kind of spinal cord injury you are suffering from, quick diagnosis and treatment is the best plan for getting your life back to normal as soon as possible.

Spine Assessment

Despite all of your best efforts, spine health issues may eventually find their way into your back. When you stop by our office for a spine assessment, you will get a great overall picture of your spine health and what steps might need to be taken to ensure your spine remains healthy in the long run. Naturally, early detection is best when it comes to spinal conditions. If you have any signs, even subtle ones, that you may have issues developing in your back, an assessment is a great way to get the peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to stay healthy. Spine problems are powerful in their ability to affect your quality of life, so come by and get your spine assessment today.