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Two years ago, I started having hip pain on one side. I saw an orthopedic surgeon, who said I would soon need a hip replacement. I instead decided to first try a cortisone shot, which helped a bit, but didn’t last. The doctor also sent me to physical therapy which didn’t do much, and the therapist said I would need a hip replacement when I had trouble sleeping from the pain, which was a problem for me.

I decided to get a second opinion, and the new doctor said I did not need a hip replacement, but diagnosed hip bursitis, and said to take ibuprofen, which does help but doesn’t last and is not good to take long term regularly. I then discussed my problem with Andy Clary at FROGSPT, who said hip bursitis is very easily and effectively treated by stretching and certain physical therapy exercises. I really did not believe that, but decided to try it anyway, since nothing else had worked.

The astonishing thing is that after just one session, I am pain free! Andy diagnosed that I was out of alignment and did some exercises and manipulations on me. I don’t at all understand the mechanics of what Andy did and said, but he gave me some exercises and stretches to do at home and I am doing them religiously. I will continue to see Andy to ensure that the pain does not return and am sold on physical therapy. I used to wake up several times a night from the pain, but am now sleeping though the night. I am amazed and grateful to FROGSPT for finally figuring out my very frustrating and painful situation. I cannot more highly recommend Andy Clary and FROGSPT!

My husband saw Andy after I did for knee pain and felt the same relief and improvement! We are doing the prescribed exercises together now and are amazed how effective they are!

– Deborah Kalof

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This post was written by Andrew Clary MS MPT ATC