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I am a retired Physical Therapist that has had back pain since my twenties from a fall. I spent most of my career adapting to the back pain while trying to seek help through many different avenues including physical therapy. I saw A LOT of PT’s throughout the years but it was not until I found Andy that I was able to get relief and rebuild my life in an active way without pain. He is the only PT I have ever worked with that truly understands how the body is connected and able to identify the various sources of my problem. Andy saw me for each and every visit at which time he would reassess my progress to make sure we were on the right path to recovery. I am so grateful for his clinical expertise in addition to his conscientious and caring work ethic that has provided me with a quality of life that I did not think was possible at this stage of my life.

– Janna Hosmer

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This post was written by Andrew Clary MS MPT ATC